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An excessively explicit, comedy driven, cryptozoological themed podcast. Hosted by two lifelong friends, who are fascinated by cryptozoology, the paranormal, and everything weird.

March 11, 2020

S3 E4: Popobawa

  S3 E4: Popobawa

This time, on Counting Cryptids:

  We discuss mass hysteria, competitive tag, and a shape-shifting bat demon known as the Popobawa. Every few years this creature terrorizes the community, attacking the residence one house at a time. The attacks range from physical abuse, to poltergeist adjacent behavior, to more severe attacks. - TRIGGER WARNING - There is some talk of sexual assault in this episode. What is the a bat-winged, shape-shifting, cyclops demon terrorizing the island of Pemba? A rogue djinn set loose by an angry sheikh? Mass hysteria cause by toxins in the food? Or could it possibly be political propaganda pushed past the point of no return? Join us Cryptid Counters, as we tiptoe our way through another episode of Counting Cryptids. - I think we forgot to mention that Shawn requested this one on Discord!

AKA One Eyed one Horned Flying Purple People Eater



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