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An excessively explicit, comedy driven, cryptozoological themed podcast. Hosted by two lifelong friends, who are fascinated by cryptozoology, the paranormal, and everything weird.

May 9, 2019

S2 E7: Atmospheric Beasts

  S2 E7: Atmospheric Beasts

This time, on Counting Cryptids:

We discuss, UFOs, clouds, and the infamous Atmospheric Beasts. For the uninitiated, Atmospheric Beasts is a term used to describe giant, amoeba shaped, creatures that live in, you guessed it, the atmosphere. Basically flying jellyfish. It is suggested that these, mostly invisible, beasts are carnivorous, and potentially responsible for a slew of animal mutilations, and missing persons. When one of these creatures dies, they become more visible, and their bodies condense into a quickly evaporating, translucent jelly, affectionately known as star jelly. Star jelly, which is a substance that has been found all over the world dating back to the 14th century, is a well-known phenomenon that is tied to meteor showers, bacteria, and even frog spawn. Could these centuries old mysteries be explained by creatures that have been living above our heads this whole time? Are these beings native to Earth, or could they have come from the stars themselves? And just what the hell is frog spawn? Join us, Cryptid Counters, as we roll up our sleeves, and dig through the metaphorical frog spawn that is Atmospheric Beasts.

AKA Defiantly Not Frog Spawn



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