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An excessively explicit, comedy driven, cryptozoological themed podcast. Hosted by two lifelong friends, who are fascinated by cryptozoology, the paranormal, and everything weird.

November 13, 2019

S2 E21: The Beast of Bodmin Moor

  S2 E21: The Beast Of Bodmin Moor

This time, on Counting Cryptids:

We discuss releasing animals into the wild, how little we know about europe, and a big ass cat known as The Beast of Bodmin Moor. This "beast" is pretty much just a panther, but in a place where it has no business, Europe. Though official reports maintain that "No verifiable evidence for the presence of a 'big cat' was found" there has been no shortage of sightings adding credibility to these creatures. And with recent, well documented, big cat escapes in the area, this podcaster subscribes to the belief that a particular person plotted this European panther population expansion project. So grab your phantom wild cat repellent spray, and your anti-alien big cat abduction undergarments, its time for another episode of Counting Cryptids

AKA Jellicle Cats



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