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An excessively explicit, comedy driven, cryptozoological themed podcast. Hosted by two lifelong friends, who are fascinated by cryptozoology, the paranormal, and everything weird.

October 9, 2019

S2 E18: The Beast of Busco

  S2 E18: The Beast of Busco

This time, on Counting Cryptids:

We discuss CC merch, our own strange shared experience, and a tremendous turtle that transformed a town. In the late 1940's a large turtle was spotted in a small "lake" in Indiana. The turtle, later named Oscar, resembled an alligator snapping turtle, which had no business being there, as the species was thought to have been extirpated from the area. Furthermore, Oscar was estimated to be more than twice the size of the largest documented alligator snapper. As news of this record breaking reptilian began to spread, large crowds began to form on the shores of this small town, and the owner of the property prepared for a plunge. Did locals actually witness a turtle the size of a car? Or could a thicc turtle simply have been transformed into yet another fisherman's tale? Join us Cryptid Counters, as we roll up our pant legs and wade through the murky waters of uncertainty, in another episode of Counting Cryptids.

AKA Turtle Talk



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